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Welcome to MyA2F

As a nutrition consultant I have always been aware of the importance of good nutrition and the need for better education around food and people’s attitude to food.   I now better understand the practical challenges being a father of a toddler.

How do you get young children to understand the importance of good food and food choices?  Over the last few years I have been working on a way of introducing fun into learning about the body and the implications of good and bad food choices.   This website introduces you to DES (Diet, Exercise and Sleep) and all the characters which form the “Body Bitz”.

In addition to education, I know first hand the frustration of a picky eater and the need for a resource to turn to for ideas, recipes and a way of reaching out to others with the same challenges.

I hope you enjoy MyA2F and the Body Bitz!    

The Body Bitz and if you would like to meet them right now, just click on me to say below or watch our video:

The Body Bitz

Fun and facts

Did you know......

.... that a balanced diet with a good exercise programme and 8 hours sleep every night will make learning at school seem a lot easier.

Fizzy Drinks....

If you replace your fizzy drinks with water, life will seem a lot less fuzzy and understanding difficult things will become so much easier ..

What does T.E.A.M. really mean?

Together Everyone Achieves More. Why not join the Body Bitz Team and learn how to feel great whilst making a big difference to your own well-being?

Colour Us In!
Print out and colour in the Body Bitz by clicking on the crayons!

Colour in the Body Bitz