Gary the Gut

“Hi guys, my name is Gary the Gut. I am approximately 21 feet long when I’m fully grown and made up of two parts (I look like a coiled snake!).

The longest part of me is called the small intestine and I receive food (like soup) passed to me from my friend Tommy the Tummy

My job as the small intestine is to absorb goodness from the food you eat and pass the bad stuff to the bottom part of me called the large intestine.

My other job as the large intestine is to get rid of the waste food left behind from the Body Bitz. This is when you have to visit the toilet!

I am happy when I have lots of good foods to absorb. I really love fruit and vegetables as they give me fibre which helps food pass through me.

I am unhappy when I have to spend lots of time getting rid of bad foods.

When my friend Tommy the Tummy is feeling poorly I usually feel the same way too. So, like Tommy the Tummy says… please be nice to us!”