The Body Bitz

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Hello Kids - my name is Des ..

I want to introduce you to some new guys on the net who have been secretly living in our bodies.

They are called The Body Bitz and if you would like to meet them right now, just click on me to say hello or watch our video:

The Body Bitz

Fun and facts

Did you know......

.... you can print out and colour all the - click on the links at the bottom
of the page!

.... that a balanced diet with a good exercise programme and 8 hours sleep every night will make learning at school seem a lot easier.

Fizzy Drinks....

If you replace your fizzy drinks with water, life will seem a lot less fuzzy and understanding difficult things will become so much easier ..

What does T.E.A.M. really mean?

Together Everyone Achieves More. Why not join the Body Bitz Team and learn how to feel great whilst making a big difference to your own well-being?

Colour in the Body Bitz

Colour in The Body Bitz - click on your favourite!

Bart the Heart - Bud the Blood - Gary the Gut - Joan the Bone -Larry the Liver - Lucy the Lungs - Lynn the Skin - Peter the Pancreas - Russell the Muscle - Ruth the Tooth - The Kidney Twins - Tommy the Tummy - Wayne the Brain