Ruth the Tooth

“Hi, I'm Ruth the Tooth and along with 31 other friends, we live in your mouth, tearing, crushing and grinding the food that you eat.

We are made of bone like material called enamel which is the hardest substance in the body. Underneath is a softer centre called dentine and underneath this is yet another layer called pulp which is where the nerves live. When you get toothache it is the nerves getting upset.

Our job is to chew food to a paste before you swallow so that we can make Tommy the Tummy’s life easier. We use a solution called saliva to help you swallow food.

We don't like it when you eat a lot of sweets and drink fizzy drinks as the sugar attacks us for hours afterwards. If you eat too much we may eventually die and fall out. When we are hurt our nerves will let you know.

We love crispy fresh vegetables as they help keep us clean and strong. Please remember to brush us at least twice a day to keep us nice and clean.

You have 20 baby teeth by the age of two.

From the ages of six to twelve these teeth (deciduous teeth) are pushed out by your 32 permanent teeth!

So, remember to keep us clean and please try to eat less sweets and fizzy drinks!”